Does Your Student Need Medication Available At School?

If your student needs medication available at school, please watch this presentation:

Please share with your student and their doctors.

Medical Forms and Care Plans

Please click the appropriate link below to downloads forms.  

Please complete entire form, including parent and physician signature, before submitting to School Nurse.

New forms need to be submitted annually, at the beginning of each academic school year.

Health Information Form

Medication Permission Form

Anaphylaxis Care Plan

Asthma Care Plan

Diabetes Care Plan

Seizure Care Plan


Acalanes School Nurse/School Health Services

School Nurse/Health Services

The School Nurse’s Office is located in the Attendance Office. Each site has a School Nurse present part-time. The School Nurse is a Registered Nurse with a specialized ...more

Noteworthy News

While our students are learning about Digital Citizenship, here is a resource on digital safety for parents.

Check out this recommended book on parenting in today's fast-paced digital age:


Read this article on how School Nurses Build Strong Children (and Schools!).

Alcohol Resources

Click the following link to access resources on alcohol:  Alcohol Resources

Lice Resources

Staph Infections and MRSA

Included here are resources on Staph Infections and MRSA.

Please inform the school if your student has a staph or other infectious skin infections so we can monitor for outbreaks and ensure student health and safety.

A Parent’s Guide to MRSA in California

MRSA For Athletes

Please contact School Nurse Dvora Citron for any questions or concerns.

Nursing Career

Please access the following resources for information on pursuing a Nursing Career.

Nursing Career

My School Nurse You Tube Channel

Access my youtube channel here.


Parenting Resources

New Resource on Autism:


The Friend Tree

Our mission at The Friend Tree: Creative Autism Solutions Team, is to create a safe, sensory-friendly, child-centered environment that will support and cultivate children with special needs/Autism. We will provide a comprehensive suite of services, including therapeutic, educational, social growth opportunities, respite, advocacy and counseling services, and parental/family supportive services…all in one convenient location!

AHS School Nurse Site

Hello Acalanes! Meet Your School Nurse...


I am Dvora Citron, the Acalanes School Nurse. This is my 14th year at AHS. My position is half-time, and I am in the Acalanes School Nurse Office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Friday mornings. I ...more

Parent Workshop: Skills for Depression, Anxiety & Stress

Parent Workshop

C.O.P.E. Family Support Center

Skills for Depression, Anxiety & Stress

December 6, 2017

6:00- 8:00 p.m.
Del Valle Education Center
1963 Tice Valley Blvd,
Walnut Creek, CA 94595
Room # 401


Acalanes School Nurse Calendar 2017-18

AHS School Nurse Workdays 2017-18

Please check regularly for updates.

Last updated 01/09/2018.

Self-Compassion=Student Success AND Well-Being!

This past week I attended an excellent training on Self-Compassion sponsored by the Greater Good Science Center at U.C. Berkeley. The practice of self-compassion may be even more beneficial than Mindfulness.  Teens who cultivated a greater sense of inner kindness and sympathy toward the difficulties in their life were the least stressed, least depressed, and most satisfied with their lives. Read more HERE. 

Mindfulness Group for Students

Mindfulness and the new Block Schedule
Beginning the new 2017-18 school year, Mindfulness will be facilitated by School Nurse Dvora Citron during the Academy Periods on Wednesdays and Fridays.This TWICE weekly opportunity is a time during which students can learn and practice mindfulness skills and also cultivate supportive strategies for coping with stress. In addition to silent periods of sitting, we also learn and discuss adaptive coping mechanisms for dealing with the every-day stress of high-school life, as well as other issues including chronic disease, pain, and anxiety. For more information or questions, please contact Acalanes School Nurse, Dvora Citron, @

If you've been thinking of attending or wondering what it's about, please show up!  Come to talk Dvora Citron School Nurse if you have any questions.

All students are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Mindfulness Resources

Mindfulness Resources List (updated 10/2015)

Please take the time and opportunity to check out the variety of resources available to help support your health, happiness, and success in academics/life ...more

Wellness and Resilience

Check out this resource on Preparing Your Teen For College:

Crisis Support Resources

Please access the links in this folder for a variety of resources: 

Crisis Support 

Suicide Resources

Please contact Dvora Citron, RN, MS, Acalanes School Nurse for direct support.


Eating Breakfast Improves GPA!

No doubt that if you fuel your brain before you start school in the morning, you'll learn better and learn more! 

Make a commitment and make a plan: wake up early, get it ready to take with you, or get it at the AHS Cafeteria before class.

Get smart, get breakfast.

Health Apps: Is Your Smartphone Your Doctor?

Post #1 in a series on health, medicine and digital/wireless technology.

I regularly evaluate health apps. I want to know if I'll find utility in them for my students/patients, as a nurse, and also ...more


Please inform Attendance and the School Nurse if your student has Mono.

We will ask you to get medical documentation of the diagnosis from your student's MD as well, including any restrictions and clearances as needed.

Resources on Mononucleosis:

Mono X-Plain

Illness And When To Keep Your Student Home From School

  1. If your child has a fever. When a child has a temperature of 100 or more, they are often both infectious and also really not feeling well.  You cannot truly assess temperature if kids have taken Tylenol or ibuprofen, so make sure you do not check when those medications are on board.
  2. If you child feels ill enough that they cannot participate in class or attend to learning activities.
  3. If your child is contagious (pink eye, strep throat, flu). Please keep your child home in this case.  They will recover better and faster, and are less likely to spread their illness to other students and teachers. Students may need a note from doctor indicating they have been evaluated and treated.
  4. Vomiting and/or diarrhea.  Your child should not return until they have no vomiting or diarrhea for at least 24 hours.

Sometimes there is not a clear line between when your child should come to school and when s/he should stay home.  Any of the above are when students should definitely stay home from school. If you take your child to the doctor, please turn in medical documentation with an update on their condition:


If your student has a concussion, my highest recommendation is to REST ASAP (mental, physical, cognitive, emotional).  Decrease as many demands/stimulation as possible until student begins to experience less symptoms.  Have student evaluated by their regular MD if possible.  But above all else, REST.  

Please download the Concussion Resource Packet, available digitally here.

Please access this resource for the latest recommended concussion support:


What is a concussion:

Not only are we seeing more concussion in youth, but we now understand more about the pathophysiology and necessary recovery for this mild traumatic brain injury. 

Concussion Legacy Foundation -


If your student sustains a concussion, it is crucial for them to be evaluated and treated by a trained healthcare provider. As with any health/medical condition, please make sure you obtain detailed medical documentation to submit to the school. Please download and print this packet and ask the evaluating medical provider to complete the Medical Diagnosis form, and then submit that to school.

In addition, please make sure you notify the following people at school to assist in managing concussion for students:

-Chris Clark, Athletic Trainer (if your student is in sports, PE)
-Dvora Citron, School Nurse
-Your Student's Counselor



Please click the following link to access resources on concussion: - One Hit Away Foundation provides education and advocacy for brain healing and brain health from sports-related brain injuries such as a sub-concussive hit,
 recognized concussion or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Subconcussive Impacts:

Concussion In The News:

A Blood Test To Diagnose Concussion?

Parenting Advice You Might Not Want To Hear

Parents...Sound The Alarm!

This is a very radical idea that may have unpredictable consequences.

Click this link to read entire article.

Why You Should Buy Your Kids An Alarm Clock:

1. ...more

American Academy of Pediatricians Recommends Full Time Nurse in Every School!

No Shots? No School!

According to California Health and Safety Code, a student enrolling in a California school must be adequately immunized and have his/her immunization record on file with the school.   Students who fail to comply with these immunization requirements shall be excluded from school.

Senate Bill 277 now prohibits parents from filing a new personal beliefs exemption. Existing personal belief statements filed before January 1, 2016 will be honored, but no new ones will be allowed.

If your child is missing one or more vaccinations, it will result in your child being excluded from school. Families will be receiving notification letters and will then have 10 days from the date on the notice to get their student vaccinated or the student will not be allowed to attend school. If you vaccinated your child but did not provide us with the records, please do so immediately so we can update our records.

You must provide your child’s immunization record, including the immunization dates (month, day, and year) and the doctor’s signature or stamp, and/or have your student receive any immunizations that might be necessary by the date indicated in the notification letter in order to avoid exclusion from school.  This information must be returned to Dvora Citron, Acalanes School Nurse.

See for more information.

Migraine and Headache Resources


Challenge Success! Where To Start?

When we consider what our concept of success is for our family members, health and happiness is undoubtedly at the top of the list.  That said, it's helpful to prioritize what will support that, and then plan for that realistically (at least most of the time).  Hopefully the attached tool can help see that we indeed only have 24 hours in a day, and have to plan as such.  Good Luck and Good Health!

Daily Time Management Grid.pdf


Check out this local conference on Learning and the Brain:


Say BOO to the Flu!

 Don’t miss school - Get your flu shot now! Flu Shot Info Here.

Student Health Issues in the News

TransGender Resources